Path of Exile

PoE Farming Currency Without Apothecary Guides

Path of Exile is a complex and challenging action role-playing game that offers players various ways to amass wealth within its intricate economy. One popular method is farming maps for valuable items, divination cards, and currency. In this guide, we will explore just how profitable map farming can be, even without relying on the elusive Apothecary’s Incubators.

Is It Possible to Profit Without Apothecary?
The short answer is a resounding yes! Many players often wonder if they can make a profit without relying on Apothecary Incubators, and this guide aims to provide the evidence that it is indeed possible. We’ll delve into the numbers and strategies that can help you maximize your gains in Path of Exile.

Understanding the Basics
Before we dive into the profitability of map farming, let’s establish some foundational knowledge:

Map Farming: This involves running a series of maps repeatedly to generate loot, experience, and currency.

Apothecary Incubators: These items drop in the game and contain valuable divination cards and items when used on a map device.

Divine Orbs: A valuable currency item used for rerolling the values of modifiers on rare items. They are the primary focus of this guide.

The Profitable Path: A Case Study
To illustrate the potential profit of map farming, we’ll consider a scenario where a player runs 100 maps without relying on Apothecary Incubators.

Initial Investment: The player purchases 100 maps at a cost of 102 Divine Orbs, a seemingly hefty investment.

Loot and Divination Cards: After completing these 100 maps, the player acquires a variety of items, including valuable divination cards, maps, and currency.

Maps yield a significant return, with 750 maps obtained and sold for 22 Chaos Orbs each, totaling 16.5 Exalted Orbs.
Additional divination cards, currency items, and miscellaneous drops contribute to the overall profit.
Total Profit: After deducting the initial investment, the player is left with a staggering 161 Divine Orbs, highlighting the immense potential for profit, even without Apothecary Incubators.

The Hourly Profit Potential
Running maps efficiently can yield substantial hourly profits. In this case, the player completes the 100 maps in approximately seven hours, resulting in an impressive hourly profit rate. With average RNG luck, an hourly profit of 23 Divine Orbs is attainable. This figure can vary, but it showcases the potential for substantial gains.

Profit with Apothecary vs. Without Apothecary
It’s important to note that the calculations presented here are based on average RNG and do not account for exceptionally lucky drops, such as multiple Apothecary Incubators in a short span. While Apothecary Incubators can significantly boost profits, the focus of this guide is to demonstrate that consistent and substantial profit can be made even without relying on them.

Path of Exile offers numerous avenues for wealth accumulation, and map farming is a viable option for both new and experienced players. This guide has shown that, with dedication and efficient play, you can generate substantial profit without relying on rare drops like Apothecary Incubators.