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Path of Exile 3.22 Hybrid Crit Forbidden Rite Occultist Build

In Path of Exile, many players seek out endgame builds that not only perform well but also provide comfort and versatility. This guide focuses on an all-terrain vile caster build that excels in various aspects of the game, making it suitable for players who want a reliable and powerful character. Whether you’re farming Uber bosses, delving into the darkness, or tackling the most challenging content, this build has you covered.

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Target Audience:
This guide is intended for Path of Exile players who:
Want a high-performing character capable of tackling all content.
Value comfort and versatility in their builds.
Are looking for an endgame-ready character.

Key Mechanics:
Before diving into the build details, it’s crucial to understand the core mechanics that make this vile caster build exceptional:
The Vile Right Mechanic: Vile Right is a skill that consumes life to cast and deals chaos damage. The more life you sacrifice, the more damage it deals. This build revolves around mitigating the self-inflicted damage from Vile Right.
Ecstasy Performance: This build utilizes a unique item called “Ecstasy Performance” to mitigate the self-damage from Vile Right. It’s essential to obtain this item through Uber bosses.
Total Machination and Tempered: These are key components of the build’s defense. Total Machination is a shield that offers substantial energy shield and converts 50% of elemental damage taken to chaos damage, significantly reducing elemental damage vulnerability. Tempered is a notable passive skill that complements this conversion.
Power and Frenzy Charges: The build utilizes Power and Frenzy charges to improve damage and survivability. Unique items and passives help maintain these charges.
Vaal Molten Shell: This defensive skill provides additional protection when your energy shield is full. It’s a vital component of the build’s tankiness.

Build Components:
Now, let’s break down the essential components of this vile caster build:
Ecstasy Performance: Acquire this unique item to enable the core mechanic of the build, allowing you to mitigate Vile Right’s self-damage.
Total Machination: This shield offers energy shield, converts elemental damage to chaos damage, and provides 50% increased maximum life. It’s a cornerstone of the build’s defense.
Power and Frenzy Charges: Maintain these charges to enhance damage and survivability. Utilize unique items and passives to support charge generation and upkeep.
Gloves Crafting: Craft gloves with specific modifiers, including Faster Casting and Critical Strike Chance for Spells. This will improve the performance of Vile Right.
Auras and Utility Skills: Utilize a combination of auras, such as Clarity, Arctic Armor, and Precision, to enhance your character’s capabilities. Tailor these choices to your playstyle.
Boots: Opt for boots with Onslaught and +1 Maximum Frenzy Charges to boost your mobility and charge generation.
Gem Setup: Configure your skill gems to maximize damage output and survivability. Make use of supports like Faster Casting, Critical Strike Chance, and Increased Duration.

Optional Enhancements:
While the build described here is robust, you can further optimize it by considering the following enhancements:
Increased Life: Work on increasing your character’s maximum life pool to improve survivability. Strive for around 4.3k life or more if possible.
Additional Charges: Explore options to gain more Power and Frenzy charges, as they significantly enhance your damage and defenses.
Quality and Anointments: Enhance your gear with quality bonuses and anointments that complement your playstyle and objectives.

Core Concepts:
Frienzi Game on Hit: At the heart of this build is the “Frienzi Game on Hit” mechanic, which revolves around having 10% of Frienzi charges. These charges grant significant bonuses and are essential for this build’s success.
Resistances: Alongside the Frienzi charges, prioritizing elemental resistances, especially Lightning, is crucial to ensure your character’s survival in the harsh world of Wraeclast.

Gear Choices:
Rings: The key item here is your ring. Look for rings with a “Game on Hit” mod that grants 10% Frienzi charges on hit. Additional stats like resistances can also be beneficial.
Helmet: Your helmet should ideally have Power Charges and the “Nearby Enemies have -9% Chaos Resistance” mod. Crafting or buying one with these attributes is recommended.
Boots: Consider crafting or buying boots with relevant stats and a little bit of cast speed. These will contribute to your character’s overall effectiveness.
Weapon: Prioritize a bow with good damage stats and consider adding a “Water Steel” modifier for a significant damage boost.
Jewelry: Focus on acquiring jewelry with stats to boost your character’s survivability and damage output. Look for modifiers that enhance your abilities, like “Increased Cast Speed.”

Skill Gems:
Lightning Bow: Use the Lightning Bow skill, and consider increasing its effectiveness with gems like “Increased Area of Effect” and “Quality.”
Immortal Call: This skill provides invaluable survivability, especially during intense battles. Level it up to 21 for maximum effectiveness.
Power Charge on Critical: This gem is vital for maintaining Power Charges efficiently.
Ensnaring Arrow: Enhance this skill to level 3, ensuring consistent application for more damage.
Blink Arrow: Use this skill to maneuver quickly during battles or for repositioning. It’s a versatile tool for mobility.

Passive Skill Tree:
Frienzi Charges: Allocate passives that grant Frienzi charges, as they are the core of this build.
Survivability: Invest in life nodes and resistances on the tree to keep your character alive in tougher encounters.
Critical Strike: Critical strike chance and damage nodes are essential to maximize your damage potential.

Additional Tips:
Auras: Utilize auras like Clarity and Vitality to manage your mana and gain life recovery.
Energy Shield: Consider using a shield with a crafted mod that reduces mana cost. This will help you sustain your abilities.
Explosions: If you want to add explosions to your build for mapping, you can make adjustments as mentioned in the guide. However, it’s not necessary for overall effectiveness.
Profile Bloom: For more mapping power, you can switch to Profile Bloom and make specific skill gem adjustments.
Gem Quality: Don’t underestimate the power of gem quality, as it can significantly boost your skills’ effectiveness.

This Path of Exile build guide provides a comprehensive overview of an all-terrain vile caster build that excels in endgame content. With the right gear, passive skills, and gem setups, you can create a character that is both comfortable to play and capable of handling the game’s toughest challenges.