Path of Exile

Path of Exile Maximizing Profits with Blight Ravaged Maps Guides

If you’re new or looking for some additional poe currency, this might just be your lucky day. In this guide, we’ll run through Blight Ravaged maps, fully juiced up, to give you an idea of the potential profits.

Map Setup
Oil Selection: We’re going for maximum juice, which means using triple Gold, triple Silver, and triple Opalescent oils. These are considered some of the best oils for boosting the rewards from your Blight encounters.

Cost Calculation:
Maps: 45C each
Gold Oil: 89C each
Silver Oil: 40C each
Opalescent Oil: 13C each
Total investment for 10 maps: 4,710 Chaos, or roughly 20.4 Divines.

Running The Maps
Preparation: Before you start, ensure your PC is up to the task. Blight maps can be resource-intensive.
Modifiers: Always check map modifiers. Avoid the modifier that prevents monsters from being slowed down as it renders some anointments ineffective.

Begin the Blight encounter immediately upon entering the map.
Start with towers close to the pump and expand as the encounter progresses.

Our runs yielded a large number of Stack Decks, Essences, and other assorted currency and items.
Raw drop count:
550 Stack Decks
6 raw Divines
4 Golden Oils
62 Awakened Sextants
341 raw Chaos
8 Silver Oils


Oils and Upgrades
Consider upgrading certain oils for better profits. For example, smaller oils can be upgraded to Opalescent oils for potential higher returns.
The same principle applies to Essences and Scarabs.

Selling Strategy
Consider not selling items valued below 10C for better time management.
Use tools like POE Stack to get a comprehensive idea of your loot’s worth.

After our runs, the total value came up to about 29 Divines, resulting in a profit of around 7 Divines after deducting initial investments. This may not seem like much, but considering the time taken, the returns are decent.

Final Thoughts
While the triple Gold, Silver, and Opalescent strategy may seem alluring, sometimes opting for a lower investment strategy yields better returns in terms of profit margins. It’s all about finding the sweet spot that suits your playstyle and current market trends.