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Path of Exile 3.22 Blade Vortex Assassin Occultist Build

I’ve been playing Blade Vortex in Path of Exile, and I’ve received numerous comments and questions about my PoE build. While I’m not an expert or a build guide creator, I want to provide you with an overview of my character and share some insights. Please note that this is not a comprehensive guide but rather an introduction to my build. I’ve been using a Bow and Quiver setup for my Blade Vortex Assassin. The key to this build is stacking power charges, increasing spell damage, and maximizing Blade Vortex levels.

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Bow and Quiver
The Bow is a simple Assassin Bow with crit multi and +1 to socketed gems. It’s relatively affordable, and I’ve found mine for around 10 divine orbs.
Empower Support is crucial and should be corrupted to level 4. This will give your Blade Vortex a significant level boost, ideally reaching level 30 to 33.

Quiver: Look for crit multi, life, resistances, and the triple physical damage conversion to cold.
Headhunter Belt provides attributes and makes a big difference in this attribute-starved build.
Other gear pieces should focus on filling attribute gaps and boosting resistances.

Auras and Heralds
Initially, use an Enlighten support gem to help with mana reservation.
Aim for a replica amulet that grants +3 to all Blade Vortex gems.
Transition to Ashes of the Stars for mana reservation once you can afford it.

Key Unique Items
Heat Shiver (Corrupted for maximum power charges and Blade Vortex duration).
Circle of Guilt Ring (Look for implicit power charges and increased physical damage while affected by Herald of Purity).

Skill Tree
Prioritize acquiring power charges on the skill tree.
Consider utilizing the Immutable Force and Blood Notch cluster jewels for stun recovery and life leech from stuns.
The Heart of Destruction cluster jewel is essential for increasing area of effect.

Medium and Large Cluster Jewels
Iron Breaker with Battle-Hardened for increased physical damage.
Vast Power and Towering Threat for increased area damage.
Empowered and Envoy, Purposeful Harbinger for Herald buffs.
Dorian’s Lesson and Cold to the Core for more cold damage.

Use attribute and mana reservation efficiency tattoos to address attribute and mana issues.
Look for tattoos that enhance Hatred or any other relevant buffs.

Taste of Hate and Diamond Flask for critical hits.
Quicksilver Flask for speed.
Life flask with Corrupted Blood immunity.

While my Blade Vortex Assassin build is not perfect, it has allowed me to clear content efficiently. There are always areas for improvement, and I hope this overview gives you some insights into how this build works.