Path of Exile

Path of Exile Divines Efficient Blight Farming with New Oil Combos

We heavily invested in Blight maps with triple golden, triple silver, and triple opalescent oils, netting us a profit of six to eight Divine orbs. However, can we find a more balanced and potentially more profitable strategy by adjusting our oil combinations?

Experiment Setup
: Determine if using less expensive oil combinations can provide similar or better profit margins.
Map Choice: 10 tin maps, pre-oiled for the experiment.

Oil Combination
One Golden
Double Violet
Triple Silver
Triple Teal
Why this combo? The golden and silver are popular choices for quality. Violets give a 50% chance for an additional reward chest on Blight lanes, while Teals speed up the spawning of Blight monsters, potentially completing the map faster.

Investment and Expected Outcomes
The total investment for oiling and preparing these maps was approximately 2,62 chaos orbs or roughly 9 Divine orbs. This was significantly less than our previous triple golden run, which cost around 20 Divine orbs.
The expected benefits of this new combination include:
Speed: The Blight encounters would finish almost twice as fast due to the Teal oil effect.
Loot Quality: While potentially less than the triple golden combo, the Violet’s added reward chests might make up the difference.

Actual Outcomes from the 10-Map Run:
After completing the 10 maps, we noticed:
Divine orbs: 6 drops, which is impressive.
Stack decks: A total of 300 stack decks were collected.
Golden oils: Three drops
Other Noteworthy Items: Resonators, blueprints, and other rare and valuable loot.
By contrast, using the triple golden combination in the previous experiment filled a quad stash tab and then some. However, this method took about half the time and resulted in around 80% of the previous loot volume.

Profit Calculation:
After adjusting for items we wouldn’t typically sell, the total estimated value from our loot came to around 17 Divine orbs. Considering our initial investment of 9 Divines, this translates to a profit of approximately 8 Divines – quite efficient for the time and money spent!

Conclusions & Recommendations:
The modified oil combination, while offering slightly less loot than the full triple golden method, resulted in similar profit margins in nearly half the time. Given these results, this combination offers a compelling balance of investment, risk, and reward for Blight farming.

For those looking to optimize their farming strategies, it’s always crucial to consider both the time and currency investments when choosing an approach. This combination might just be the sweet spot for many players looking to maximize their profits in Blight maps.