Path of Exile

Path of Exile 3.22 Navigating Altars and Making Optimal Choices

Altars play a pivotal role in Path of Exile, influencing the rewards you receive. However, understanding which altar to pick, especially when starting, can be overwhelming. While veteran players who have completed hundreds of maps might intuitively know which altars to select, newcomers often find themselves at a crossroads. This guide seeks to demystify the choices.

The Default Choice: Quant Altars
By default, many players prioritize Quant (Quantity) altars due to the increased rewards they offer. But there are certain scenarios where other altars should take precedence.

Top Altar Priorities Over Quant:

a) High-Value Currency Altars:
Prioritize altars offering Divine, Exalt, and Chaos orbs. These currencies are in high demand and typically have a significant market value.

b) Guilded Divination and Grand Altars:
Guilded Divination (div) altars and Grand altars often yield valuable cards like “The Nurse” and “The Immortal.” These are a clear choice over Quant, especially when encountering the rarer high-value cards.

c) Polished Scarabs:
Opt for high-value polished scarabs, including Legion, Div, and Ambush. They’re typically worth between six to twelve chaos, making them a solid choice.

Optional Choices:
There are other altars which, under specific conditions, might be considered over Quant:
Divination Cards for Basic Currency: If a Quant altar offers a lower percentage (e.g., 15%), it can be favorable to opt for divination cards yielding basic currency. This choice, however, is situational and subjective.

Clarifications on Player’s Queries:
You cannot combine Quant with other modifiers such as POE currency duplication, map duplication, scarab duplication, or unique duplication on a single altar. It’s a common question, but it’s not feasible in the game mechanics.

Other Altar Considerations:
While discussing other altars, two prominent ones are:
Map and Currency Duplication: These are often as valuable as Quant and should be considered similarly.
Scarab Duplication: While it provides moderate value, it becomes more worthwhile if you already have a gilded scarab altar.
Unique Duplication: Its value varies with the league’s stage. Early in the league, when unique items are rare, it’s incredibly valuable. However, as the league progresses, the value diminishes, although the allure of obtaining rare items like the Mage Blood, Headhunter, or Chayula’s Presence remains.

Strategy Note:
Your altar choices might shift based on your playstyle. If you open boxes as you progress through a map instead of saving them for the end, the Quant altar’s value changes. Remember, playstyle and strategy can influence your choices, so always adapt based on your personal approach.

Understanding which altars to prioritize becomes clearer with experience. Use this guide as a foundation, and with time, making the right choice will become second nature.