Path of Exile

PoE 3.22 The Rise, Rewards, and Potential Rebalancing of The Forbidden Sanctum

In the ever-evolving world of Path of Exile, amidst the whirlwind of rewarding regular maps, the Trial of the Ancestors tournament mechanic, and intense boss-rush strategies, one particular content stands out not just in profitability but also in its entertainment quotient: The Forbidden Sanctum.

The Rewards of The Forbidden Sanctum:
If you’re an active member of the PoE community, you’ve likely seen the chatter about the massive rewards emanating from the Forbidden Sanctum. The vast array of currency, from Divine orbs to the elusive Mirrors of Kalandra, has been flooding in. A quick look through community platforms like Reddit reveals players showcasing their extravagant loot – single, double, and even octuple Mirror of Kalandra drops! While these are extreme cases, many players consistently acquire Divine orbs, unique sanctum relics, and significant profit through trading Awakened Seant or compasses.

The influence of the Forbidden Sanctum is evident. The influx of Divine orbs has elevated the Mirror of Kalandra’s value to unprecedented levels in PoE’s history. But it’s not just about the wealth. This content has spurred a plethora of innovative, sanctum-specific builds, providing players with both challenge and a fresh gameplay perspective.

The Looming Changes in 3.23:
With the upcoming 3.23 patch, set to be released in early December 2023, the Forbidden Sanctum might see a significant rebalance. The current reward dynamics have shifted the game’s economy and player preference, making it an epicenter of attention for both Grinding Gear Games (GGG) and the community.

There’s a mixed bag of reactions. Some foresee massive nerfs, while others express concerns, frustration, and even threats to boycott the game or halt supporter pack purchases. Yet, knowing the cyclical nature of the PoE community’s reactions, there will be initial outrage, followed by acceptance and, ultimately, participation in the new league.

Potential Adjustments:
The consensus is clear: The Forbidden Sanctum offers unparalleled rewards compared to other content.

Two prevalent solutions proposed by the community are:
Modify the bonuses that currently allow reward duplication.
Reduce the drop rate of high-tier rewards like Divine orbs and Mirrors of Kalandra.

While the Forbidden Sanctum needs recalibration, completely removing its appeal might not be the answer. The content offers a unique playstyle and should maintain a rewarding niche in PoE’s ecosystem. The sanctum ensures player retention late into the league – a win-win for both GGG and the active player base.

A balanced approach could be a simple drop-rate reduction for the premium currencies while retaining the duplication mechanics, keeping the Forbidden Sanctum as the primary hub for significant currency bursts. Just as players venture into Delve for fossils or Delirium for cluster jewels, the sanctum could retain its identity as a go-to for currency bursts.

What changes await the Forbidden Sanctum in the 3.23 update remains a topic of speculation. As we navigate these exciting times in Path of Exile, I invite fellow exiles to share their perspectives and potential solutions.