Diablo 4 S2 Speed Farming Tier 100 Dungeons Necromancer Build

The Tempest Diablo 4 Necromancer has undergone significant changes, propelling it to the forefront of efficient and powerful builds for speed-farming Diablo 4 Gold and Items Tier 100 dungeons. In this guide, we will cover the essentials of playing this build, the two key changes that have revolutionized its performance, and provide a comprehensive breakdown of skills, gear, aspects, and Paragon board configurations to maximize your potential.

Gameplay Strategy
Initiate Combat: Start by casting Decrepify to weaken your enemies, followed by diving straight into the fray with Bone Storm.
Group and Annihilate: Use Corpse Tendrils to pull enemies together, followed by Blight to obliterate them.
Maintain Momentum: Continuously zoom through the battlefield, utilizing Dash to move quickly and create additional Bone Storms.
Utilize Buffs and Debuffs: Ensure that Blood Mist and curses are consistently applied to enemies, and maintain your barrier to prevent any chances of dying.
Tackle Elites and Bosses: For larger packs of enemies or elite foes, activate additional Bone Storms for extra damage and quickly eliminate them.

Skill Breakdown and Leveling Guide
Levels 1-30/40: Focus on developing Reap and transition to Enhanced Reap for increased attack speed. Simultaneously, work on Blight and its Supernatural Blight variant for a 15% multiplicative damage increase.
Levels 30-100: Gradually transition out of Reap, and invest in Corpse Explosion with Blood Lighted Corpse Explosion, and maximize FU by Death, Decrepify, and Corpse Tendrils. Ensure all shadow passives are maxed, with special attention to Reaper Pursuit for increased mobility.

Gear and Aspects
Key Items: Acquire Lless Wall for a chance to spawn additional Bone Storms and Blighted for a significant damage boost post-Shadow BL application.
Target Farming: Farm Lord Zir for Lless Wall, and focus on acquiring items that boost total armor, shadow damage over time, and intelligence.
Aspects: Utilize Decay, Long Shadow, and other aspects to continuously enhance your shadow damage over time effects and maintain essence regeneration.

Paragon Board and Glyphs
Navigate through the Scourge, Sender of Death, Wither, Flesh Eater, and Bone Graph boards, picking up key nodes that enhance shadow damage over time, damage reduction, and life. Utilize glyphs like Imbiber, Darkness, Control, and Territorial to further augment your build’s capabilities.

Conclusion and Playstyle Tips:
With the Tempest Necromancer build, you are now equipped to tackle the most challenging dungeons in Diablo 4 with ease. Remember to maintain your buffs, manage your essence efficiently, and stay mobile on the battlefield.