Path of Exile

Path of Exile The Patient Divination Card Farming Guides

The topic of farming The Patient divination card in Path of Exile garnered significant attention. Typically, players focus on the Colonnade and Promenade maps for this endeavour. However, maximizing your returns requires a substantial investment, particularly in juicing up the maps and utilizing expensive divination scarabs. As of the current market, these scarabs are trading at around 10 pieces per Divine Orb, underscoring the investment needed for this strategy.

Opting for Heist: A Cost-Effective Alternative
Here, you can find divination card chests, which not only drop stack decks but also have the potential to reward other valuable divination cards. In our experiment, we delve into opening 100 of these chests with a specialized setup.

Preparing Your Rogues
Our strategy centres around using Bres (a specific gear type for Rogues) crafted to increase the chances of duplicating contained divination cards. It is crucial to note that this won’t duplicate stack decks as they are influenced by container basic currency. Nevertheless, Bres are highly versatile and beneficial for our purpose.

To equip our Rogues, we selected Bres with modifiers for basic currency, divination cards, Rogue markers, and job speed. Be prepared for high market prices, with some Bres going for a minimum of 5 Divine Orbs. Crafting these items yourself can significantly reduce costs, making this strategy more accessible.

Trinket Optimization
Additionally, I invested in a trinket providing an 8% chance for additional divination card drops, further boosting our chances of obtaining “The Patient.” Typically, I would opt for a trinket converting Regal Orbs to Divine Orbs, but for this strategy, the focus shifts entirely to divination cards.

The Farming Process: Blueprint Heist
With our Rogues and trinket set up, we embarked on our first blueprint Heist, specifically targeting divination card rooms. Having three Rogues increased our chances for card duplication to 45%, a significant improvement over standard contract Heists.

Results and Analysis
After opening 100 chests, our results were varied. While we did not obtain “The Patient” or “The Nurse,” we amassed a substantial number of mid-value cards and other lucrative items. Some highlights include unusual gems, stack decks, and various trinkets that can be sold or re-rolled for potential better results.

Our divination card haul amounted to an approximate value of 6-7 Divine Orbs, not accounting for the additional profits from other items and stack decks. We also gained insight into the efficiency of our Bres, highlighting the importance of self-crafting to mitigate the high market prices.

Conclusion and Recommendations
While “The Patient” remained elusive, our strategy showcased a reliable method for farming valuable divination cards and other items in Path of Exile. If you plan to engage in extensive Heist activities, investing in crafting your Bres is highly recommended, as it significantly enhances your potential returns.