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PoE 3.22 Magic Find Cultist Blade Vortex Build Guides

In this guide, we’ll delve into the upgrades and items I’ve acquired over the past week. After complaining about not finding a second good Ventor’s Gamble in my last article, fate seemed to smile upon me as I obtained some fantastic rings. But that’s just the beginning. I’ll also share insights into my Timeless Jewel discovery, the importance of enlightened support, and the role of special jewels and helmet enchantments in enhancing your build.

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Enhancing Your Build:
Ventor’s Gamble: My fortune took a turn for the better with the acquisition of two remarkable Ventor’s Gamble rings. These rings significantly bolstered my resistances and improved item rarity and quantity. How did I manage this stroke of luck? Well, it’s a combination of magic, streamer’s client, and a dash of good fortune.
Timeless Jewel: The Timeless Jewel I obtained found its perfect place in my build, granting me access to the Keystone “Inner Conviction,” boosting my spell damage by 21%. A valuable addition to increase my DPS.
Militant Faith: Another important jewel I acquired, Militant Faith, provided extra Elemental resistances, addressing a common issue in my build. However, it did tweak some skill nodes that needed adjustment through divine orbs.
Enlightened Support: My quest for the Enlightened Support gem led me back to the Trials of the Ancestors. Finally, success! Now, the goal is to level it up and aim for a double corruption to maximize its potential.
Skill Optimization: With an improved Enlightened Support gem, I have room for optimizations. Replacing Cold Penetration Support with Inspiration for increased DPS, I seek specific socket colors and depend on Syndicate’s assistance to achieve the right combination.
Utilizing Tattoo Passives: Deploying my accumulated tattoo passives, I prioritize Onslaught for movement and cast speed, as well as increased skill effect duration to enhance Blade Vortex sustainability. These choices will boost my damage output significantly.
Helmet Enchantment: While a 30% increased Blade Vortex duration helmet enchantment is a desirable addition, it can be hard to find in SSF. Work with what’s available, but if you come across this enchantment, it can greatly strengthen your build.
Increased Herald Effect: Adding some reservation efficiency and increased Herald effect to your character can further enhance your damage output.

Build Insights:
The Challenge of Magic Find Cultist Blade Vortex: While I highly enjoy playing this build, it’s essential to acknowledge its squishiness, making it unsuitable for most players. Compared to other builds, such as Deadeye, this one requires careful play due to its limited range and explosive power.
Defense and Spell Suppression: Spell suppression isn’t easily accessible in this build, making high-tier red maps a challenging endeavor without expensive gear. Players must adapt and learn to navigate dangerous map modifiers carefully.

Atlas Strategy:
Preferred Atlas Setup: My go-to Atlas setup mainly consists of Abyss, Legion, and Delirium regions. These mechanics add more monsters to maps, resulting in increased loot. Additionally, I sometimes incorporate Meticulous Appraiser when hunting for unique items.
Harvest Crafting: In the solo self-found league, access to infinite scarabs and currency is limited. I use the resources I have and prioritize increasing the number of monsters in each map, focusing on mechanics like Abyss and Legion to boost loot drops.
Syndicate Scarabs: Syndicate plays a crucial role in my strategy, providing winged scarabs. To obtain these, I maximize Syndicate members in the Intervention branch, level them up to three, and then use Harvest crafting to transform them into valuable scarabs.

Showcasing the Gear:
New Helmet: Crafting a new helmet from a fractured base, I aimed for dexterity and items rarity. While it’s not perfect, it’s a substantial upgrade for my character.
Improved Gloves: Upgrading my gloves with strong modifiers and life affixes, I achieved a significant boost in survivability.
Crafting a New Quiver: With a Crusader-influenced base and Harvest crafting, I improved my quiver, increasing the conversion of physical damage to cold damage.
Shaper-Influenced Amulet: Obtaining an amulet with Shaper influence, I tailored it to my needs through alteration spam and crafting, enhancing both quantity and survivability.
Sharing My Unique Finds: I’ve managed to acquire several T1 unique items during my journey, although I’m yet to find the rarest items. The reality of magic find can be challenging, but it’s a rewarding playstyle for those who enjoy the hunt.

As we conclude this guide, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your support, advice, likes, subscriptions, and comments. If you have any questions or seek further guidance, don’t hesitate to join my Discord channel (linked in the article description). Remember, the journey in Path of Exile is ever-evolving, and it’s up to you to shape your destiny in Wraeclast.